The Ship

Get to know our history


Cruceros Mar Menor is a newly managed company located in the Mar Menor, a tourist area in the Region of Murcia, Spain. It specialises in offering cruises and excursions on the beautiful Mar Menor.

Our company has been organising tourist trips around the Mar Menor since the 1980s, with boats designed by the founders, the Mercader family, specifically for tourism in shallow, calm waters. Of the three that the company had, only one remains, the “Joven Ana Belén”, built in wood in 1985. It is a historic boat, with capacity for 120 passengers, very stable and seaworthy, ideal for cruising at moderate speed, about 8 knots.

The new members of Cruceros Mar Menor intend to give continuity to the history of this ship, maintaining its essence, but adapting it, modernising it, providing it with new safety measures, accessibility, comfort, services and leisure activities, while respecting the environment and taking care of the Mar Menor.